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An Urban Gem Uncovered in Smithfield – Urbanity Coffee Review

On Coke Lane, just a few minutes away from the bustling Generator Hostel and the trendy Lighthouse Cinema, is Urbanity Coffee. Located slightly off the beaten tracks, this cafe in the Glass House welcomes visitors with a neon light sign ‘Coffee’ in tantalising dark red. The glass front lets the café bathe in natural light, capturing every single ray of the sunshine that wanders into the lane.


As soon as I crossed the threshold, I stepped into an airy and bright space. The long L-shaped counter proudly boasts delicious goodies baked in-house. The black tile wall behind the till showcases a drinks menu, offering thirsty city-dwellers an invigorating treat on a winter’s day.


Urbanity Coffee is one of Dublin’s micro-roasteries. The barista station commands the other half of the counter, powered by beans freshly roasted right inside the café. Two roasts are always there to cater to our caffeine cravings, with a 12-kilo coffee roaster resting in the corner. The beast slept peacefully surrounded by bags of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans.


Visiting a café in the morning is a tricky business. As a coffee addict, I believe your early cup of joe sets the tone for the rest of the day. As a result, I don’t rush and take my time when buying my brew. After a long stare, I chose Urbanity’s washed Ethiopian single origin. Brought from Layo Tiraga in Sidamo, Southern Ethiopia, these beans were grown at an altitude of 2100m. The cup mesmerised with a distinctive flavour, slightly tangy yet pleasantly exhilarating. The hints of red berries and hibiscus lingered on the tongue, teasing the taste buds after each sip. It went well with the soft, creamy texture of my flat white.


To further power up for my busy Wednesday ahead, I quickly nested in my chair with a menu. I was delighted to see that the ‘all day brunch’ options were up for grabs. Being an egg-loving person, I made my meal all about yolks and whites.


My first choice was the Berber Eggs. As soon as the plate arrived, I knew the dish was made for me: scrambled eggs with a twist. The eggs were served on a bed of beautifully dark sourdough bread with seeds. The crumb remained soft and delightfully spongy, with the crust toasted and slightly bitter. The eggs were full of flavour, complemented by lemony yoghurt and spicy tomato sauce. The eggs’ richness married with the zestiness of the natural yoghurt, lemon, and tomatoes with Moroccan-inspired seasoning. Slices of merguez sausage were snuggled underneath this aromatic blanket, which kept the meat juicy. Everything was sprinkled with freshly chopped coriander and scallion. The verdict: delicious. Urbanity Coffee’s Berber Eggs was absolutely mouth-watering, offering a new look at an old classic.


Next, I got Couscous and Eggs. I love couscous, and I am always willing to try out new recipes that incorporate one of my favourite cooking ingredients. The large, deep plate was filled with well-seasoned couscous in the company of chick peas, caramelised thick-chopped onion, and tomatoes. Again, I could taste lemony yoghurt which nicely balanced the spiciness of an exotic homemade dukkah. Hints of cinnamon could be found here and there, which added even more character to the whole dish. Fried eggs rested on the top of the mix, showered with aromatic seasoning, coriander and scallion. I have to say the Couscous and Eggs were a perfect pick to warm up on a cold November day. You could enjoy flavours inspired and nurtured by the Middle-Eastern spices – it’s a nice way to capture and convey the warmth of Moroccan cuisine.


It was time for a quick dessert. My treat of the morning was a dark-chocolate brownie with hazelnuts. Covered in powdered sugar, the cake was a real energy booster. The fudgy body of the brownie contrasted perfectly against the sweetness of the nuts and sugar. Flavours accentuated each other, creating a treat to satisfy yet not overpower my sweet tooth.

Urbanity Coffee is a hidden gem of Dublin’s foodie scene. It is a spot every food lover and coffee aficionado needs to visit on a regular basis.

Urbanity Coffee,
The Glass House,
11 Coke Lane,
Dublin 7

T: (01) 874 7288


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