Amy's Organic Drive Thru Set to Celebrate 1st Birthday|
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First US Organic Drive Thru Set to Celebrate 1st Birthday

What happens when you offer non-GMO, organic, sustainable fast food grown on your own rooftop, fueled by solar power? You get snake queues around the block, as Amy’s Organic Drive Thru has proven. Adding to California’s already progressive health food scene, Amy’s is about to celebrate its first birthday. This follows a year of being inundated with throngs of people willing to wait to sample their all-organic menu.

With options from vegan mac and ‘cheeze’ to organic veggie burgers, burritos and pizza, Amy’s has quickly proven that fast food need not be bad food. All these options are priced in line with typical fast food chains meaning it is accessible to all and has been embraced by many.

Amy’s Organic Drive Thru is the first of its kind both as a vegetarian fast food restaurant and one utilising all organic and homegrown produce. Judging by its immense popularity over the past year, the Organic Drive Thru could well become a nationwide movement in the US and possibly expand globally.

For more information on Amy’s Organic Drive Thru click here.