Amazing Accommodation – These Airbnb’s Are Top of Our 2018 Wish List

With unique accommodation continuing to be on the rise this year, we’ve selected some of Airbnb’s best properties that are right on top of our wish list. From treehouses to yurts and traditional homes, there’s a place for everyone to stay.

Romantic Suite in a family home in Valparaiso, Chile

Enjoy sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean right in the heart of the UNESCO world heritage city of Valparaiso in Chile, South America. The house, which has more than 100 years of history, is on the third floor of a restored house and includes a bedroom, bathroom, balcony and veranda. At just €51 per night, this suite is an absolute steal.

Korean Traditional Hanok

Rent an entire house in the Hanok conservation area of Seoul. For €156 per night, the accommodation holds 3-4 people and was built in 1934. It has since been fully renovated. This luxurious traditional Korean house will make your stay in Seoul truly unforgettable.

Urban Tranquilatree

Appreciating the Airbnb’s closer to home, why not venture to Cork and stay in a uniquely wonderful treehouse. Rent the entire tree, which is fully insulated 6m off the ground, and enjoy spectacular views of Cork city for just €130 per night.

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