Neil Ferguson Dessert
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Almond, Honey, Milk & Buckwheat Dessert Recipe by Chef Neil Ferguson

This Almond, Honey, Milk & Buckwheat Dessert Recipe I created when I was looking to make a dish that was lactose free and gluten free and is easily adapted. I felt that the flavours were simple and clean. But once combined to create a flavour all on its own.

This recipe has some ingredients that are harder to find in shops, but are easily bought online. Also, I use a paco jet at work for the ice-cream but this recipe should also work being churned in an ice-cream machine. I hope you have as much fun making it as I did creating it.

Almond Milk Cremeux

– 250g almond milk
– 125g cream
– 4 egg yolks
– 75g sugar
– vanilla extract
– 125g whipped cream
– 1 leaf gelatine

1. Bring milk & cream to boil
2. Whisk egg, vanilla & sugar
3. Pour over eggs mixture. Bring to 62 degrees celsius
4. Add soaked gelatine leaf and cool
5. Once cooled fold in whipped cream until light and fluffy

Honey Milk Ice-cream

– 500ml almond milk
– 1 vanilla pod (scraped)
– 100g caster sugar
– 50g honey
– 100g egg yolk
– 150ml cream

1. Bring almond milk to the boil
2. Whisk honey, sugar, vanilla and egg yolk to light and fluffy
3. Pour mile over and bring to 80 degrees c
4. Pass through strainer
5. For pacojet, freeze for 24 hours
6. For ice-cream machine, chill & churn

Buckwheat Crumble

– 200g buckwheat
– 20g oatmeal
– 20g almond
– 10g honey
– 10g butter
– Pinch salt

1. Cook buckwheat in lightly salted water for 30 minutes and drain and wash excess starch
2. Dry in oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees c
3. Mix with rest of ingredients and bake until it resembles a chunky crumble mix about – 15min

Honey Tuile

– 100g isomalt
– 20g honey

1. Heat to 128 degrees c
2. Pour on to baking silicone mat or baking paper
3. Leave to cool
4. Break into desired shapes

Honey Comb

– 75g honey
– 140g glucose
– 400g sugar
– 5 tbsp water
– 13g baking soda

To Plate:

1. Spoon crumble on the bottom
2. Quenelle ice-cream on top
3. Drizzle with honey
4. Pipe cremiuex in three spots
5. Break up honey comb and arrange nicely
6. Put honey tuile standing up in the cremieux to hold up


Neil FergusonNeil Ferguson, Pastry Chef at Castlemartyr Resort began his career in hotels and restaurants across Birmingham city and has over 15 years’ experience working in kitchens throughout the UK, Australia and Ireland. Growing up in a culinary family – both his parents were chefs at the NEC Birmingham – Neil developed a passion for food and on his return to Ireland enrolled in IT Tralee where he graduated in 2010 with a Diploma in Culinary Arts.

During his studies Neil began working in the Killarney Park Hotel where he started as Chef de Partie and worked his way up to Sous Chef following a year out in which he worked in kitchens throughout Australia. While at Killarney Park Hotel, Neil worked under the tutelage of Odran Lucy, whose classical training in Michelin star restaurants helped to hone his skills as a chef and kitchen manager. Looking to start a new chapter in his career Neil along with his wife and daughter, made the move to Castlemartyr to take up his current position as Pastry Chef at the renowned Castlemartyr Resort.

A true creative, Neil’s elegant and imaginative desserts are always a highlight for guests at Castlemartyr Resort. When he’s not in the kitchen, Neil enjoys painting and sculpting and sharing his creative desserts with his social media followers. To make a booking at the Bell Tower restaurant at Castlemartyr Resort visit

Neil Ferguson