Alma Godello - Wine of the Week from O’Briens
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Alma Godello – Wine of the Week from O’Briens

History is filled with tales of incredible rescues and these high-drama stories often make it to the silver screen -not without a dose of Hollywood creative intervention-. Think of the 1979’s operation known as the Canadian Caper, which successfully resolved the hostage situation that inspired Ben Affleck’s Argo, or most recently, the story behind Hackshaw Ridge, a WWII drama in which an unlikely hero brings back many from what otherwise would have been death on the field.

Of course, not all rescues are as climatic nor would they make good Oscar bait. Despite the chaos we live in, there are numerous scientists doing their bit to bring species back from the verge of extinction, and while A-listers might not be giving a face to their achievements, their remarkable endeavor is still worthy of praise.

Alma Godello - Wine of the Week from O’BriensAlma Godello is the product of one of these less blockbuster-friendly rescues, in its case, that of a grape. Godello was not just gone, it was forgotten. The grape, native of north-west Spain, a.k.a. Galicia, was almost entirely replaced for Palomino by the time Disco music ruled the earth. But by the mid eighties, some producers had started to bottle modern expressions of Godello (perhaps after taking note of neighbour region Rias Baixas’ efforts with Albarino).

Alma Godello comes from the DO of Monterrei, in South Galicia, which is characterised by a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and chalky soils.

It is a clear and lightly coloured white, with aromas of ripe citrus, kiwi and green apple. On the palate, a moderate acidity and medium body are accompanied by refreshing and approachable flavours featuring pineapple and nectarines, as well as a delicate mineral note.

It’s a charming yet not very complex wine, with intensity and elegance but no extravagance. It would be an excellent alternative to familiar varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, and an amazing companion for seafood and shellfish dishes such as Dublin Bay prawns with Pernod or Lemon, Creme Fraiche & Mussel Courgette “Papardelle”.

Alma Godello is available at O’Briens Wine at €12.95 (on offer from €14.95).


Gaby ProfileGabriela’s passion for writing is only matched by her love for food and wine. Journalist, confectioner and sommelier, she fell in love with Ireland years ago and moved from Venezuela to Dublin in 2014.

Since then, she has written about and worked in the local food scene, and she’s determined to discover and share the different traditions, flavours and places that have led Irish food and drink to fascinate her.

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