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Hope Handsome Jack Ale Brown Soda Bread Recipe by Chef Peter Brennan
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Hope Handsome Jack Ale Brown Soda Bread Recipe by Chef Peter Brennan

With this Soda Bread Recipe, I wanted to create something a bit different, Guinness bread although great had been done, and since we sell a lot of craft beer this was the obvious thing to do.

The ale come from a brewery in Howth, so in our believe of supporting local this too was an easy choice. We picked this one after some trails with the recipe, and the team agreed that Handsome Jack was the right ale to give that subtle back ground flavour. I particularly like textures in food, so we added pumpkin seeds and or sunflower seeds, but the choice is really yours.


500g of wholemeal flour
125g of White flour
150g of brown sugar
25g of soda
10g of baking powder
6g of salt
30g of Pin head oats
125g of porridge oats
50g of mixed seeds (Sunflower, pumpkin, pine nuts, or pistachio)
10g of seaweed powder
125ml of pale ale
450ml of buttermilk
100g of melted butter..


1. Mix all ingredients well, and place in a buttered and floured mould.
2. Spread evenly.
3. Place in a pre-heated oven at160c for about 1 hour.
4. Remove from mould and place back in the oven at 140c for about another 30 mins until cooked and crisp on the outside.


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