Gin for Breakfast? Is Alcoholic Yoghurt a Step to Far in the ‘Ginovation’ Trend?

You would have to be living under a rock, or perhaps a set of whiskey stones, if you haven’t noticed gin’s resurgence, a “Ginaissance” if you will.

In Ireland, pub sales of gin have increased by almost 32% over the past year and bars are stocked with an ever increasing number of Irish gin brands.

Really, it was only a matter of time before our favourite foods paired up with our favurite tipple.

Premium yoghurt brand Rachel’s recently launched a Greek style gin infused yoghurt, with 0.5% organic gin, available in Sainsbury’s in the UK.

In Dublin Scoop Ice Cream Parlour created a limited edition Gin & Tonic gelato made with Hendricks Gin and Fever Tonic, garnished with cucumber – offering a ginspired hybrid between our favourite summer tipple and the creamy frozen dessert they specialise in.

Elsewhere supermarkets are stocking everything from gin-infused salmon to gin-flavoured popcorn and sweets.

Gin itself has also taken inspiration from food with Manchester based craft distillery Zymurgorium teaming up with the city’s oldest jam-maker Duerr’s to launch a marmalade gin.

Not the only way to add a legitimate boozy edge to your breakfast, Tipperary producer Crossogue Preserves already makes a popular Irish Whiskey Marmalade along with a Blackcurrant jam infused with Irish stout, you can also buy Vodka Strawberry and Vodka Jam from County Down based Made with Love, and Hollah Preserves in Armagh sell Chilli Strawberry & Prosecco Jam, along with a Vodka Cranberry Sauce to add some extra ‘sauce’ to your Christmas turkey.

The trend is only getting started with M&S is set to launch Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Champagne Crisps within its Christmas collection.

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