Experience a Terrifying Alcatraz-Themed Halloween in San Francisco

Have you ever wanted to test your bravery by sleeping in the Alcatraz prison cells that housed America’s most notorious criminals?

This Halloween, you have the opportunity to stay overnight in the San Francisco Dungeon in a recreation of Alcatraz, San Francisco’s infamous island prison.

For the terrifyingly satanic price of $666 (€565), sleep in a twin-sized jail cell and be treated to some criminally appropriate pyjamas and snacks, before being sent to bed with a spooky tale to send you off to the land of nightmares.

In a release, the dungeon stated: “As guests make their way through the city’s hysterically horrible history, they will be confronted by broken mirrors, open umbrellas, shadows of lurking black cats and ominous tokens of bad luck.”

Overnight bookings are available for October 30th and 31st and they’ll be going on sale from Booking.com on Friday 13th.

For more information about this uniquely terrifying experience, visit sanfrancisco.thedungeons.com or the site’s listing on booking.com.

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