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Alaskan Glacier
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Travel Inspiration Goals – Stay in a Spectacular Hotel Right in The Middle of an Alaskan Glacier

With the ever-growing rise of unique accommodation, this new hotel has taken spectacular to a whole new level. Can you imagine staying right in the middle of an Alaskan glacier?

Located in the heart of Denali National Park, Alaska, the Sheldon Chalet is perched atop an isolated peak within the glacier. The cosy hotel can hold up to ten guests in five rooms at any given time.

With spectacular views of the wonderful nature around you, it’s pretty much guaranteed that this is one hotel stay you will never forget.

Despite being 5,900 feet high, you won’t freeze thanks to the roaring fireplace and the delicious Alaskan seafood and champagne that will greet you on arrival.

So unleash the adventure spirit within you and venture high into the mountains by visiting the Sheldon Chalet at

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