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Surf The Skies – A New ‘All You Can Fly’ Airline is Coming to Dublin Next Year

A new ‘All you can Fly’ airline is coming to Dublin next year with the aim to cater for increased air travel demand once Britain leaves the European Union.

Surf Air will be providing an unlimited travel service for a set monthly fee, with passengers being able to arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before departure.

The airline currently operates in a number of European cities, including London, Luxembourg, Munich and Milan. As well as Dublin, Surf Air will also expand to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Geneva next year.

Currently, Surf Air members from the UK can fly an unlimited number of European routes under 600km for £1,750 (€1,973) per month. The airline’s prime members can fly all of the European and US routes from £3,150 (€3,552) per month.

Founded in 2013, Surf Air refers to itself as “the best connected club in the skies”. So, will you be joining?

For more information about Surf Air, visit

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