A Feast for The Elements – Aimsir’s Michelin Star Chef to Host an Intimate Residency This November


The eagerly awaited new restaurant at Cliff at Lyons, Aimsir, was set to open next month, but unfortunately the opening date has been postponed until March 2019 due to building delays.

However, those intrigued to see what the creative chef, Jordan Bailey, has in store for diners are in luck. Jordan is keen to get cooking and himself, his wife Majken and the team at Aimsir are hosting a once-off residency.

Taking place in Love One Cottage at Cliff at Lyons over six nights in November, the residency is called Elements of Aimsir. It will see the restaurant using the best Irish produce to serve a four-course meal along with treats in between courses.

Sunday Lunch

Speaking about the residency, Jordan said: “Majken and myself always knew there was a possibility of a delay, as these things happen when you are creating a new restaurant that is being integrated into a historic building – the buildings dictate that you need to work around them, rather than through them, so this has delayed us a little.”

He added: “We then had to make the decision whether to open during Christmas or to push it back a little. We decided that it made more sense to open Aimsir with a clean slate and a brand new restaurant for a brand new year.”

Front of house manager Majken Bech-Bailey said: “We are really looking forward to having the opportunity to share some of our ideas and ethos with a small number of guests this November. The physical experience will be very different from that in Aimsir itself when it opens – the restaurant will be much sleeker and contemporary in design than Love Cottage, which is quite traditional.”

Majken added: “The short residency does allow us to give diners a taste of the style of food, the pairings and the philosophy behind Aimsir. It’s a little weather forecast, a flavour of the Aimsir to come.”

Dinner at the residency costs €100 per head including drinks and will be a shared dining format. There are 10 places available each evening with overnight packages also available.

For more information, visit here and for booking requests, please email info@aimsir.ie.

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