These Shoes Are Made for Drinking: Adidas Launches Limited Edition Oktoberfest Trainers

Adidas Launches Limited Edition Beer Proof Oktoberfest Shoes

The world’s biggest beer festival has inspired Adidas to innovate and launch Oktoberfest shoes that have a few features which will come handy once the pints start to disappear.

The German brand has launched Adidas Munchen Oktoberfest, a limited-edition model which has a revolutionary coating that is “durable puke and beer repellent”or DPBR (yup, P is for puke). Other details in the design include a embroidery detail in the back that echoes the traditional Bavarian lederhose with “inner lining with red/white micro-check tablecloth for that special alpine flavor.”

The shoes also have the word “Prost”, German for “cheers” just above the iconic three-stripe logo. The Adidas Oktoberfest trainers are priced at €199.95 and went on sale last Saturday, right in time for those travelling to Munich to grab a pair.

Adidas Launches Limited Edition Beer Proof Oktoberfest Shoes

To make them extra festive, the shoes come with a special beer mug. As they described them, the shoes underwent a total “Oktoberfesterization”, surely an industry standard (just as the DPBR coating, of course). So

Oktoberfest 2017 begins on September 16th and is on until the 3rd of October. Closer to home, Oktoberfest Dublin will take place from the 14th of September to the 1st of October.

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