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Week of Italian Cuisine in the World
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A Week of Italian Cuisine in the World Comes to Ireland For Its Eighth Year

The eighth edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, Settimana della Cucina italiana nel  Mondo, takes place in Ireland from Monday, 13th November to Sunday, 19th November, 2023. Presented by the Embassy of Italy in Ireland, the Italian Trade and Investment Agency (ITA), and the Italian Irish  Chamber of Commerce (IIC), and in collaboration with the Italian National Tourist Board and the Italian  Institute of Culture, this edition focuses on healthy food inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and is titled:  At the Table with Italian Cuisine: Health with Taste.  

For the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, Ireland welcomes renowned Italian chef, Carlo Cracco, to Dublin to host two special invite-only events: a show cooking with Sysco Ireland offering an opportunity for the Italian food and beverage industry to meet, learn from, and taste Cracco’s food, and a dinner in  the famous Palladian Villa Lucan House, the Residence of the Italian Ambassador in Dublin. A  distinguished figure in the culinary world and globally recognised and admired, Carlo Cracco is known  for his innovative interpretation of traditional Italian recipes, the numerous Michelin stars awarded to him, and his TV work on MasterChef, Hell’s Kitchen and Dinner Club (an exclusive Amazon Prime  production in which Carlo Cracco undertakes trips across Italy to rediscover its most authentic cuisine  with famous actors for each destination). 

Trade between Italy and Ireland grew almost 10% in 2022, reaching €8.6 billion. Italian export trade to Ireland increased by 7.6% to €2.8 billion, while Irish exports to Italy saw an 8.3% increase to €5.7 billion. In the first half of 2023 trade between Italy and Ireland reached a value of 6,019 million euros, showng  a 55% increase compared to the first half of 2022.  

The key sectors of Italian exports to Ireland include machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical, chemical-medicinal and Food Products and Beverages. Ireland remains a significant market for Italian agri-food products, totalling over €290 million in the first six months of 2023.  

Week of Italian Cuisine in the World

Food lovers who are interested in getting an insight into the world of the finest Italian cuisine can attend a special screening of Gualtiero Marchesi: The Great Italian, the undisputed pioneer of the Italian    modern cuisine, in the Lighthouse Cinema on Wednesday, 15th November from 6.15 pm. The screening will be followed by an enjoyable Aperitivo for all participants with a food tasting of the finest Italian  canapés prepared by Angelo Simeone and Emanuele Bagnasco and drinks from Villa Sandi Wines and  San Pellegrino Waters. Tickets to attend this screening are available here for free:  

Gualtiero Marchesi was Carlo Cracco’s great mentor, and it was with Gualtiero that Carlo Cracco witnessed the birth of model Italian cuisine first-hand. This event promises an enlightening cinematic  experience, offering an intimate glimpse into the life and legacy of Gualtiero Marchesi, an iconic figure in Italian gastronomy.  

The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is also an important business opportunity for a sector that is supporting a constantly growing trade between Italy and Ireland. 

Commenting on The Week of Italian Cuisine in Ireland, the Ambassador of Italy in Dublin, Ruggero  Corrias, said:  

“After the Green Ride Giro d’Italia and the Grazing in Lucan Exhibition, the Italian Institutional  galaxy in Dublin brings another star of the Italian lifestyle to Ireland, celebrated chef Carlo  Cracco. The goal is the same: showcase with selected events the excellence of the renowned  Made in Italy, be it in Art, Culture, Sport or, as for the Italian Cuisine Week, Food and Wine. A  balanced and moderate diet, based on the Mediterranean ingredients, is the key to a healthy  life. In Italy we do it with taste and Carlo Cracco is the living evidence of this approach. A movie  on the life of Gualtiero Marchesi, Cracco’s mentor and Master of the Italian modern cuisine, will  conclude the week, offering also an experience of food tasting to participants. Buon Appetito!” 

With regard to the initiative, the Director of the Italian Trade Agency (ITA) Office based in London, Mr  Giovanni Sacchi, said: 

The Italian Trade Agency is delighted to head to Dublin for the “VIII Week of Italian Cuisine in  the World”. ITA has partnered with the Italian Embassy in Dublin, the Italian-Irish Chamber of  Commerce, the Institute of Italian Culture in Dublin and the Italian National Tourist Board to  curate 2 special events with Chef Carlo Cracco to delve deeper into this year’s event theme:  “At the Table with Italian Cuisine: Health with Taste.” The topic aims to draw attention to the  benefits of implementing high-quality Italian products into one’s regime. The Irish market is a  key recipient of Italian agrifood products, amounting to a value of over 291 million euros in the  first semester of 2023, hence we look forward to reaffirming this with our event”. 

Week of Italian Cuisine in the World

Commenting on The Week of Italian Cuisine in Ireland, the President of the Italian-Irish Chamber of  Commerce, Mr. Furio Pietribiasi, said:  

The Italian Irish Chamber is honoured have coordinated the organisation of the Week of Italian  Cuisine in the World, which would have not been possible without the support of the Italian  Trade Agency, the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT), the Italian Embassy, the Italian Institute  of Culture and all our members and sponsors, such as Sysco, Villa Sandi and San Pellegrino.  No better situation to stage the quality of the Italian products and new ways to transform them  in uniquely tasteful experiences. We are grateful for the hard work of our Irish partners  promoting only the best of the Italian quality, but more importantly the Irish chefs, restaurants  and consumers, that every day want on their tables only the original Italian products labelled  with Protected Designation of Origin (in Italian D.O.P. Denominazione di Origine Protetta) or  Protected Geography Indication (in Italian I.G.P. Indicazione Geografica protetta). 

Accordingly our statistics in the last few years our trade for the sector went from strength to  strength, reaching today all times high in terms of volumes. 

The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is a joyous and culturally enriching annual celebration that  takes the essence of global gastronomy to new heights. Weaving together culinary legacies and  practices, gastronomic exploration, flavours, techniques, and captivating food stories, The Week of  Italian Cuisine in the World is for food lovers, as well as accomplished chefs, cultural enthusiasts, and  leaders in the food, hospitality, and restaurant industry. A celebration of diversity and unity underscored  by the universal language of food, the event promotes cultural exchange and understanding.  For further information on The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, please visit:

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