A Traditional Jelly Recipe of Wild Strawberry by The Strawberry Tree

This is an adult jelly of summer fruits that will transport you back! This Jelly pays homage to the illusive and hard to harvest Wild Strawberry. That’s why it has pride of place for the first spoon at the top of the mould when it is inverted. We feel that the rose water adds to the deep perfume taste of this fabulous Wild fruit. Just perfect to have after dinner on a balmy summers evening with some well chilled Muscat de Rivesaltes…

3 Handfuls of Wild Strawberries
2 Handfuls of Wild Bilberries
75Cl Water
25Cl Organic White Wine
400g Organic Sugar
1⁄2 Vanilla Pod
5 Leaves of Gelatine
4-5 drops of Rose Water

Place the water and sugar into a saucepan with the half Vanilla Pod split. Bring slowly to boil to dissolve the sugar.
2. Soak the gelatine leaves in a basin of water, add Gelatine into liquid while hot and make sure gelatine fully dissolves through the liquid jelly.
3. Whisk Rose water drops into the Liquid and add the white wine.
Use a large mould, just as your grandmother did for placing in the centre of the table. Or use individual Dariole Moulds or coffee cups or whatever shape you like, place a layer of the Wild Strawberries in the bottom of mould and just cover with Rose Water Jelly liquid. Allow this layer to set in fridge.
When set, add another layer of berries, this time using both types of berries (Wild Strawberries and Wild Bilberries)
Repeat layering process until mould is full.

How To Finish

Allow setting in fridge. To turn out, dip jelly mould into hot water for a few seconds and turn out onto serving dish.

Strawberry Tree2The Strawberry Tree is Ireland’s ONLY certified Organic restaurant; with a daily changing menu that reflects the seasons and featuring the freshest Organic and Wild foods, many grown to order on nearby Organic farms or foraged by our own chefs and full time food forager on the lanes and in the fields and woods surrounding Macreddin Village.

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