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st andrew's church manifesto market
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A New Food Hall Is Opening in St Andrew’s Church on Suffolk Street

An exciting new food hall is coming to Dublin in 2025!

According to The Irish Times, The Martin Barry Group will be opening a “food hall and multipurpose hospitality and cultural experience event space” in St Andrew’s Church on Suffolk Street, titled Manifesto Market.

Already operating 3 other food halls under the title of Manifesto Market in Europe (both in Berlin and Prague), this is a welcome addition to Dublin’s bustling food scene. The duo behind the whole operation? Martin Barry, a New York-born entrepreneur, and his wife, Hollie Lin, previously the GCR Partnership lead in Tokyo. They opened the first Manifesto Market in Prague in 2018, and luckily for us, Martin Barry has some family connections in both Sligo and Galway according to The Irish Times, which is why Ireland is their natural next step for the newest food hall.

st andrew's church manifesto market

Albeit slightly smaller than its sister locations, Dublin’s Manifesto Market will have space for 12 food vendors. The vendors will be chosen through a “meticulous curation process” [The Irish Times] with an aim to include a number of different cuisines under one roof.

Not only will the Manifesto Market have a number of exciting food vendors, it will also host film screenings, art exhibitions and cookery classes, as well as a number of other community-driven events, according to Barry and The Irish Times.

Both the images and the source for this article come from The Irish Times.

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