A Harvey Nichols Feast – Harvey’s at Home Review

At the moment, it’s hard sitting at home, cooking 3 meals a day (more if you have kids), and then upping your game come the weekend for a special dinner. A nice meal and a glass of wine used to be an escape for most people at the weekend. Now it’s a chore. 

Step in Harvey’s at Home. Harvey’s for those who aren’t aware was re-opened in Harvey’s Nichols in Dundrum just as Covid hit…..so it had to close. Like everywhere else. What did most places do? Click and Collect, to varying success. Harvey’s waited and waited. The reason they waited is they wanted to perfect their meal kits. They wanted to take you out of the mundane merry-go-round and transport you to their new swanky restaurant via your tastebuds. 

The first week they offered the service, my wife and I said we’d give it a go. It was €50 for a meal for 2 and a bottle of wine…..no brainer. 

The box was delivered by a very friendly staff member. We spoke about the challenge they had come through and I asked him why they didn’t do it before. “We wanted to do it right”, the English voice boomed. Fair enough, I thought. 

We received a generous charcuterie board, a giant ribeye on the bone (for 2), fondant potatoes, veg, red wine jus, a Ferrero Rocher cheesecake, and a lemon tart. We also got a bottle of Red wine. For 50 EURO. Insane value. The steak alone in the butchers would have cost me 25e. 

Everything was vacuum packed and there was a step by step instructions. 

Let’s start with the charcuterie board. It was phenomenal. The cheese, the pesto’s the pink sauce (I later found out was a beet hummus), the meat, the bread. There was enough in it for dinner alone. We ate this around 7 pm. 

Stuffed, we cracked on with the mains (around 9 pm). Taking the steak out of the bag with its jus and garlic compress, it goes into a preheated oven for around 9 minutes (we gave it 2 more as it felt a touch under as I didn’t have the oven hot enough). Spuds go in for about 6 minutes, while I re-heated veg in hot water and re-heated the sauce. Plated up and sat down for dinner at 9.15 pm. It was insane. So tender, so tasty, so evocative of memories of eating out! 

We weren’t able to the dessert, so we had it for lunch the next day! There was leftover beef (yes, that big) that we made beef sambos. The cheesecake and the tart were amazing. Simple, yet delish. It was a real treat. 

Since we’ve ordered the 1st time, we’ve ordered twice more. Once for their mid-week madness offer. And another was the fish pie. I’d highly recommend both. Their chips are some of the best I’ve ever had. We know friends who got their Valentine’s kit and we were very jealous. With Mother’s Day happening in a couple of weeks, I’ll be ordering again.

The team there makes it so simple to cook the food. It is the closest thing to eating out we’ve had at home. Fact. 

To order you just check out their menu on the Harvey’s Instagram page, and send your order to Bookings.hndublin@atalianworld.com


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