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7 Fabulous Rosé Wines under €15 you Should Try this Summer
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7 Fabulous Rosé Wines under €15 you Should Try this Summer

Let’s do a quick round up of pink things under €15 that are highly likely to succeed at making people smile: bubblegum, pink lemonade, tropical sunsets, candy floss, surprise flowers, strawberry ice cream, cupcakes, lip gloss, balloons, iced donuts, marshmallows, macarons… I could go on, but I’ll jump to my favourite: a cheerful, refreshing, chilled bottle of rosé wine, specially on a warm day or balmy summer evening.

Truth is, not all rosés can limbo-dance gracefully below that price point, and beneath that bar we often encounter examples that have very little to give besides a pretty picture and an ugly hangover. But every now and then, you stumble into a sweet little bottle of the pink stuff that offers exactly what you want from a perky summer tipple.

So, here are seven of our favourite rosé wines under €15. We have arranged them from the lightest to the most intense so put your pink sunglasses on, sit in the garden (plastic flamingos optional) and prepare to pour yourself a gleaming glass of rosé in the shade of your choice.

Coteaux Varois en ProvenceCoteaux Varois en Provence 2016

Provence, France 

€12.5 – Available at M&S

This subtle blush comes to show us the modern and crisp style that is helping rosé redeem itself. Dry and refreshing, it combines citrus and white peach with a high acidity and a dainty herbal finish.

If you want to pair it with anything other than sunshine, go for shellfish or dare to bring in the sushi.

Delheim Pinotage RoseDelheim Pinotage Rosé 2016

South Africa – 12.5% ABV

€12.95 (buy 1 get 1 half price all summer) – Available at O’Briens Wine

South Africa’s Pinotage gets the rosé treatment in this fruity and light bodied pink wine with generous aromas of cherry blossom and raspberry. Sustainably produced, this delicate and elegant wine offers a moderate acidity and a vibrant sharpness.

Try it with roasted chicken, mildly seasoned curries or gambas.

Căluşarí Pinot Grigio Rosé 2015Căluşarí Pinot Grigio Rosé 2015

Romania – 12% ABV

€10.95 (on offer from 12.95) – Available at Whelehans Wines,

Romania is a veteran wine country but still a new face in local shelves. This fruity and quartz coloured rosé comes from Cramele Recas, a winery that combines international and local varieties to make modern wines.
Light bodied, with juicy flavours of nectarines, Pink Lady apples and crisp raspberries.

Innocent Bystander Moscato 2015Innocent Bystander Moscato 2015

Australia – 5.5% ABV

€14 – Available at, Mitchell and Son

An unusual, off-dry and slightly fizzy rosé from Yarra Valley. It’s low in alcohol and very refreshing, with flavours of blood orange, guava and pink grapefruit.

It would be an unexpected treat at brunch time or with fresh salads, and you can also pair it with strawberry desserts.

Michel Lynch RoséMichel Lynch Rosé

Bordeaux, France – 13% ABV

€13.90 – Available at Wines of the World

This raspberry pink rosé combines Bordeaux’s habitués Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. It’s a pleasant compromise between the classic and more intense rosés and the ultra-light, modern ones so trendy at the moment. Raspberries and redcurrants are its main fruits.
Pair it with shrimp or crab dishes, or with lightly seasoned pork.

Langlois Rose d' AnjouLanglois-Chateau Cabernet d’Anjou 2016

Loire, France – 11% ABV

€14.95 (buy 1 get 1 half price all summer) – Available at O’Briens Wine

Prestigious Loire Valley producer Chateau Langlois brings pink to life with an off-dry rosé that reminds you of Victoria sponge cake, fresh raspberries and tutti-frutti.

The herbal touch of lemon verbena complete the palate. With a light body and a refreshingly cooling sensation it is one to sip on a sunny day.

Bodegas El Coto RoséBodegas El Coto Rosado

Rioja, Spain – 13.5% ABV

€12.15 – Available at Karwig Wines (Cork)

Coral coloured and intense, this rosado awaits you at the other extreme of the pink wine palette. Old-school and exuberant, this strawberry and pomegranate punch is not the type of rosé that you can substitute with white wine in a blind tasting.

One to sip chilled while sharing a board of Spanish cheese and charcuterie.


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Since then, she has written about and worked in the local food scene, and she’s determined to discover and share the different traditions, flavours and places that have led Irish food and drink to fascinate her.

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