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6 Recipes from New Cookbook #RecipeShorts That All Have 140 Characters or Less

Think cooking is complicated and takes way too much time? A innovative new cookbook #RecipeShorts aims to show those who think they don’t have enough time to cook how quick and simple it can be – faster and easier than filtering your latest Instagram post, actually!

Author Andrea Stewart has reduced all recipes to only 140 characters or less that will inspire Instagram lovers and Snapchat connoisseurs to get into the kitchen and cook.

With chapters including Breakfast & Brunch, Soups & Salads, Superfast Suppers and Easy Entertaining, this book is full of simple yet tasty ideas.

To give you a flavour we’ve sharing six recipes from #RecipeShorts including speedy scones, mexi burgers and grownup ice cream sundaes, you will be amazed how much information can be conveyed in so few words.

Speedy Scones

Serves 4-6

Mix 225g flour, 60g sugar, 2t b.pwdr. Gr8 in 60g cold buttr+150ml milk,60g currants, shape round loaf on tray,200C~20/25min

Red Pepper Soup

Serves 4-6

Sweat 170g chop’d onion,1t grlic. +800g tin toms, 5 rst’d red pepprs,1L veg stock,S+P,simmr~25min. Purée. Top w/ornge zest

Fish Finger taco #RecipeShorts

Fish Finger Tacos

Makes 1

Place 1 cookd fish finger in soft taco, garnish w/avo slices, 1/4’d cherry toms, top w/natural yogurt & coriander

Mexi Burger #RecipeShorts


Serves 6

Mix 500g ea prk&beef mince w/35g fajita seasoning. Shape 6 patties, grill. Toast buns, top w/salsa, avo, sour cream & jalapenos

Grown Up Sundae

Serves 4-6

Heat 100ml maple syrup w/1/2T buttr+2T brandy. Cool. Pour ovr very best vanilla ice cream& garnish w/chop’d walnuts

Deb’s Choc Delight

Makes 33x23cm tray

Cream 200g buttr 420g sugar,4T cocoa. +4 eggs, 125g flour. Bake in greased pan,180C~25mins. Dust w/icing sugar

A little confused? It’s not just you. The book comes with a recipe and ingredient key to help to decode the tweet recipes. Here’s a sample of some of the less obvious ones:

+ = add
~ = approximately
½’d = halved
2 = to
bl = black
choc = chocolate
ea = each
gr8 = grate
H2O = water
in2 = into
lemjuice = lemon juice
mozz = mozzarella
ovr = over
rst’d = roasted
S&P = salt and pepper
tog = together
tom = tomato
vin = vinegar
whiz = whizz or purée or blend




#RecipeShorts by Andrea Stewart, published by Kyle Books.

Photography by Faith Mason.

#RecipeShorts is available to buy on Amazon.