5Rock BBQ Fire House Weekend Feast Review

Throughout this pandemic, we have seen many great examples of food and drink businesses collaborating, in order to survive the multiple lockdowns we have been through this past year. In the coastal town of Skerries in north county Dublin, three neighbouring businesses, 

5Rock, Blue Bar (famous for their hot wings) and Goat in the Boat cafe have come together to create a single take away menu for their customers to enjoy. 

Many will have heard of Blue Bar by reputation and 5Rock is its sister restaurant located along the harbour road in Skerries. 5Rock is an American style BBQ fire house. They serve a range of delicious meats cooked in their Bertha charcoal oven or on a wood burning Argentinean grill to give that genuine BBQ taste. The restaurant also features an extensive bar serving a wide range of craft beers and staffed by some very talented bartenders who regularly change the cocktail specials on offer. When dining inside is allowed, this would be our regular spot for a date night, starting and ending at the bar with some delicious cocktails.

We were spoiled for choice on the combined menu of the two restaurants. To start, we enjoyed the Bang Bang Shrimp (€12.00), which is a favourite on the Blue Bar menu. The shrimp is lightly coated in flour and fried, then served on a bed of crunchy iceberg lettuce and covered in their spicy bang bang sauce. 

We also couldn’t resist ordering the Chips and Dips. This classic Mexican dish of corn tortilla chips comes with a fresh, homemade guacamole, tomato salsa and cheese sauce, with the optional extra of chili beef (€9.00). 

One of the best things on their menu has to be the 5Rock Baby Back Ribs (€12.95). The succulent slow cook pork ribs get their flavour from the dry rubbed spices and being cooked in that Bertha charcoal oven. They are then smothered in a spicy BBQ sauce and served with a chipotle slaw on the side. We also added a portion of their fries, and you would not be left hungry after eating this dish!  

For our second main course, we had another 5Rock favourite, the Half Chicken (€11.00). This is a dry rubbed buttermilk spatchcocked chicken.  To finish our meal with something sweet we ordered a tub of the Sea Salt Caramel Gelato (€8.00) which is handmade by Goat in the Boat who are building a very good reputation in Skerries for their home made gelatos.  

Sometimes, especially at the weekends, your get that craving for a full-on feast without the hassle of preparing and cooking it yourself.  5Rock certainly fills that craving and then some! If you are looking for whole hearty meat dishes full of flavor that can be paired with a great craft beer or even some margaritas to go along with Mexican style dishes, 5Rock will not disappoint.


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