5 Summer Ciders to Try by IrishBeerSnob

As we bask in the mid summer evenings. Longer days, sunny evenings on the patio. It’s truly the time of year cider. While we hear so much about craft beer, the craft cider offerings have been steadily been increasing over recent years, and now Ireland truly has some great ciders to be truly proud of.

Here are five of my favourite summer ciders in no particular order.

dankellyDan Kelly’s Cider, Drogheda

Based on an orchard next to the Dublin – Belfast Train Line in Drogheda we have here a truly tasty cider. Using a blend of bramley apples, cider and dessert apples, Dan Kelly’s cider is a lightly carbonated cider with no added sulphites that is crisp refreshing medium cider. Available nationwide this cider is a great drop to drink in the summer, or infact any time of year.

macivors-1MacIvors Traditional Dry Cider, Armagh

From Ireland’s orchards in Armagh, we have a great cider from MacIvors, I’ve chose their more complex offering. The Dry Cider. Don’t let the name put you off. This is a full bodied cider which has a great fresh apple flavour, and dryness which makes you just want to drink more and more of it. Available nationwide in all good off licences.

cockageeCockagee Cider, Slane

Who says cider can’t be fancy? Well Cockagee is one great cider. Served in a 750 ml bottle, this is almost more reminiscient of a bottle of prosecco or sparkling wine. Cockagee is named after a traditional Irish Apple tree. But the true beauty of this cider is the method used to make it. Keeving the cider, is an extremely traditional way to make cider. Cockagee are the only Irish Cider make to use this method. On the nose – delicate apple notes, naturally sparkling this is full bodied and offers a lingering bittersweet dry finish.

falling appleFalling Apple, Carlow

Brought to us by Carlow Brewing Company – here we have a very accessible cider. Brewed to medium gravity – this cider has a nice full body without being too sweet or too dry. Available nationwide on draught and bottles in all good off licences. This is a good first offering

strawberryTempted Strawberry Cider, Armagh

Something a little bit different – for those who maybe don’t like cider. This is a cider with a difference, at only 4% it’s very sessionable. But the secret is in the blending of the cider, apple juice and strawberry wine. The aroma of strawberry is very upfront but the blend works really well on the tongue. The sweetness or the strawberry, and tartness of the apple. A very nice drop. Available nationwide, and distributed by Vanguard Beer Collective and Galvins

Now go out and enjoy the sunshine, while we have it!


 Wayne Dunne

From IPAs, to Stouts, to everything in between. Wayne is a passionate advocate for Craft Beer and Cider in Ireland. He regularly features in online publications and podcasts, as well as writing with his wife on www.irishbeersnob.com. Wayne’s aim is to kick down the doors of convention surrounding Craft Beer and Cider by writing in a no nonsense style. Drawing on his experiences of many different beers he is going to bring you on a journey that you’ll be asking yourself, why didn’t I join this revolution sooner?

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