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margarita in dublin
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5 of the Best Spots to Get a Margarita in Dublin for International Tequila Day

Tequila lovers know that a good marg is the perfect cocktail any day of the year, but in honour of International Tequila Day, here are 5 spots to sip on a damn good margarita in Dublin. Spicy marg, spice bag margs, and Mexican speakeasies…this is a good one.

El Silencio FFF

margaritas in dublin

Everyone loves a little bit of a mystery, and El Silencio FFF is just that. Tucked away behind Pablo Picante on Clarendon Market, you’ll get the speakeasy vibes straight off the bat at this Mexican hideaway. FFF stands for “First Food Free” where your first drink is accompanied by a tapa, a typical tradition in most Mexican cantinas. The margaritas here are always guaranteed to impress. You’re spoiled for choice here with 11 different margarita options to choose from! Spicy watermelon, apple, coconut and pineapple… the list is endless, and each tequila concoction is as enticing as the next. Margarita lovers, you have to head to El Silencio.


777 margarita in dublin

It’s only right that one of Dublin’s most stylish Mexican spots serve up a delicious margarita. Head to 777 for small Mexican plates (or share a carne asada-style côte de boeuf!) and make sure to order a handful of their infamous Margs to really ring in the day. You can get these classic or frozen, both equally delicious and guaranteed to hit the spot for International Tequila Day, or, well…any day!

Farrier and Draper

margarita in dublin

Probably the most unique option out of the many spots for a margarita in Dublin, Farrier and Draper don’t just serve a regular marg, nor is it a spicy marg. Three words – spice bag margarita. Don’t write this off so quickly – it is certainly a must try! Think spicy margarita, with a tasty twist. Head to Farrier and Draper, which is always a good shout for a cocktail, and thank us later.


margarita in dublin

The coolest bar around town, Fidelity in Smithfield is the spot to frequent for funky tunes and good vibes. Another unique addition to this list, Fidelity’s version is not just a regular margarita, it’s a cool margarita. Basil and black pepper are added into this cocktail to make it that much more delicious – you need to give this a taste.

The Big Romance

the big romance margarita in dublin

The Big Romance on Parnell Street is brought to you by the same mixology enthusiasts behind Fidelity, and their take on the margarita is just as necessary an addition to your must try list. The Margarita Picante here is a must – but be warned, it is seriously fiery, made with chilli liquer. A zingy choice for your Tequila Day festivities in Dublin.

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