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Chicken and Coriander Soup Recipe by Domini Kemp
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5 Easy Lunch Recipes for the Perfect Packed Lunch

If you’re tired of soggy sandwiches and want to adopt a healthier approach to you r midday meal at work, why not commit to packing your own lunch? Packing yourself a delicious lunch is a great way of cutting back on lunchtime costs, using up leftovers and getting a does of nutrients to get you through the afternoon slump. These simple recipes will give your co-workers lunch envy and keep you satisfied until dinner – what’s not to love?


Fennel, Celeriac and Pear Salad by the Honest Project

Winter vegetables like celeriac and fennel are excellent for grating into salads as they hold their texture when tossed with dressing. This salad packs a protein punch with lentils, extra crunch from candied pecans and a warming chilli-spiked dressing. Perfectly lunch-boxable.

Super Food Salad - Avoca Belfast 2 (1)

Superfood Salad Recipe from Avoca

Inject some colour into your lunchtime with this vibrant superfood salad recipe from Avoca. Nuts, seeds, quinoa and blueberries tossed with spinach will give you an energy boost to power through the afternoon


Chicken and Coriander Soup Recipe by Domini Kemp

Chicken and Coriander Soup Recipe From The Ketogenic Kitchen Cookbook

Need some chicken soup for the soul? This chicken and coriander soup recipe is very easy to make and has a lovely texture. Coriander adds a new dimension to a classic chicken soup and it’s as tasty as it is comforting. Pop in a flask and you’re ready to go.

Roast Carrot and Red Pepper Soup Recipe from The Ketogenic Cookbook

Roast Carrot and Red Pepper Soup Recipe by Roz Purcell

Carrot and red peppers are perfect skin brightening veggies, so this soup is sure to give you a gorgeous glow as well as a warming and satisfying lunchtime treat.


Butternut Curry

Chickpea and Butternut Squash Curry Recipe from Blazing Salads

Make this comforting chickpea and butternut squash curry recipe for dinner and box up the leftovers for an easy and warming lunch al desko. With quinoa or brown rice this makes a hearty lunch, or just pile on top of baby spinach leaves for a lighter bite.

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