45,000 People on Wait-list London’s First Naked Restaurant Opening this Week

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London is known for it’s high-concept pop-up restaurant scene. We’ve seen a porridge pop up, a 5-course avocado brunch, restaurants devoted to Star wars and Game of Thrones, and even a pop up where you pay with hugs. Though The Bunyadi, opening on June 11th, goes one step further, or rather goes backwards – back to basics that is.

Stripping away all the “trappings of modern life” London’s first ‘naked restaurant’, The Bunyadi, is designed to get people back to nature. This means no phones, no electricity, hand carved furniture, preservative free food, and of course, no clothing. Lit by candle light, the no electricity policy extends to the kitchen where there is a ban on all electrical appliances, and food will cooked over a fire.

Far from being shy, Londoners have embraced their exhibitionist sides. With a restaurant capacity of 42, and only 6,000 places overall, the numbers on the waiting list have reached close to 45,000, and the organisers were flooded with applications from people looking to work at the naked restaurant.

Guests are invited to change into a gown, and then it’s up to them whether they want to disrobe and dine nude. Though for “logistical reasons” servers modesty will be protected with a strategically placed fig leaf, saving the customers getting a too-close-for-comfort view at eye-level when they are being served. Safety comes first in the kitchen though, and alas kitchen staff won’t be able to join in on the fun.

Sticking true to the natural concept, customers have a choice form a vegan or non-vegan menu that include dishes such as cured salmon with seaweed salad and sun-dried tomato-stuffed courgette flowers. All of which is served on clay crockery with edible cutlery. Naturally, the free-from policy spills over to the drinks list where organic, preservative-free wines are listed

Of course, the naked restaurant menu has been designed to be nudity friendly, so there is no fear of hot soup spilling on your lap – just watch out for any rogue ice cubes!

For more details visit www.thebunyadi.com.

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