Say Hello to 3fe’s Baby Brother – A Cosy New Spot to Brighten Your Morning

Daniel Entrance

It was a dull Tuesday morning when I decided to pay a visit to ‘Daniel’, a newly opened coffee shop from the brains behind 3fe, on the corner of Clanbrassil and Daniel Street. Competing with the likes of Clanbrassil Coffee Shop, also serving 3fe coffee, this street boasts a few hidden gems for coffee lovers.

After hearing the news that 3fe opened a third coffee shop I was expecting a modern café, similar to their original, with bright lighting and beach-wood benches. Daniel, however, has pleasantly different characteristics compared to your typical speciality coffee shop.

The coffee menu covers the basics from americano to flat white, with a few modern additions such as a cold drip coffee. The food menu is relatively small with three toasties to choose from, but they also serve a range of fresh pastries from Bread Nation Dublin.


I debated with myself, trying to choose between a classic ham and cheese toastie, and a blue cheese and black pudding (tough choice!). Considering it was 9am, I opted for the safer choice and stuck with the classic. I ordered a flat white with regular milk to accompany my breakfast.

The dark wood benches kitted out with tartan cushions looked warm and inviting, so I got my book out and cosied up while I awaited my food. Between the rain drizzling down the window and the acoustic music playing in the background, I would have happily stayed there all day. A couple of minutes later I was awoken from my trance when my order was placed on the table.


Let’s start with what I really came for- the coffee! My flat white showcased a precisely poured heart and on first sight I knew the milk would be smooth and creamy. The coffee itself had hints of caramel and toasted hazelnuts yet was subtly fragrant. The milk was, as I expected, perfectly light and creamy. 3fe, once again, proving what coffee dreams are made of.

Now, lets talk about the toastie. Between the two slices of buttered batch bread lay thick slices of roasted ham, Wicklow ban brie, Irish cheddar, mustard and red onion marmalade. Is there a need to go on? The cheese was stringy and just melted enough that it didn’t fall out onto my lap (believe me, it happens!). In my opinion, it was toastie perfection.

Daniel Order

After ten minutes of convincing myself that I should leave before sundown, I forced myself to get up. I was about to walk out the door when the fresh pastries displayed on the counter caught my eye. There was a choice of brownies, croissants and cruffins – enough to send my mind into a frantic battle.

I chose the sugar-dusted cruffin this time around, a genius marriage of a croissant and a muffin. I ran out the door before I could be tempted by any more delights and dove straight into my cruffin. It had a light and fluffy muffin centre, lined with cinnamon, and flaky croissant exterior – pastry heaven.


The total cost for my breakfast came to €12.

If you’re lucky enough to live nearby, or pass on your way to the office, be sure to check out this new, cosy spot – perfect for weekend chats over a delicious cup of coffee. I’ll be making my way over again to sample the rest of the menu as this café is definitely worth the detour!

3fe – Daniel
19 Clanbrassil Street Lower
Dublin 8


Sophie is a Culinary Entrepreneurship graduate from DIT. She developed her love of food from an early age at home, where her mum constantly served tasty, home cooked meals. Casual, fine dining or street food, Sophie is not a fussy eater; she is simply passionate about delicious food.

Alongside her love of food, Sophie is a coffee enthusiast. On her days off you will find her exploring the streets of Dublin in search of new speciality coffee shops. After spending six months in Sydney, Sophie caught the travel bug and is constantly planning her next getaway. Working with TheTaste has allowed Sophie to combine her love of food, coffee and travel.

Sophie Hanney Sophie Hanney

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