Sinfully Good Food to Worship from 30 Church Street at Home – Review

Situated just off the main road into Howth Village, 30 Church Street enjoys panoramic views over Howth Harbour and Ireland’s eye. Although, we cannot enjoy the full restaurant experience at present due to lockdown, I was delighted to learn of their takeout option. I was reliably informed by a friend that had indulged in the click and collect menu, that it is a must try.

I enjoyed some really great food in 30 Church street prior to lockdown. This neighbourhood restaurant prides itself on providing a menu that appeals to all age groups and tastes with a particular focus on quality fish and Wood-fired Pizza. There is also an extensive and innovative cocktail list which, thankfully, is also part of the click and collect offering.

The website that is used to order the food is easy to find and easy to use. The menu is mainly comprised of Pizzas but there are a wide number of starters and sides to go with the Pizzas as well as two other main dishes. There is also a chocolate bar desert for those looking for a final treat! A good choice of quality wines and cocktails are available for takeout.

There are two interesting deals on the site including a couples deal for €35 and a family deal for €50. Both are great value!

We decided to order the Beetroot and Goats cheese Salad, Chicken Wings with Hot Sauce, Pepperoni Pizza, Nduja Pizza and Terry Cocktail.

The website asks you for your preference for delivery time and we picked 7.30pm – the meal was delivered at exactly 7.30pm by a friendly and knowledgeable staff member. 

We started off our evening with the beetroot and goats cheese salad. Fresh and crunchy with the candied walnuts adding some sweetness, while the dressing had a lovely sour counterbalance. 

The chicken wings were meaty and moreish. The hot sauce, not for the faint hearted as it is very spicy but so tasty!  The coolness of the blue cheese dip softened the spice of the hot sauce. 

It really is all about the base with 30 Church Street. The Pizza base is thin with a wonderfully open textured crust, incredibly delicious.  

The Pepperoni Pizza packs an extra punch of heat thanks to the addition of Jalapeños. Irish Mozzarella and San Marzano Tomato add nicely to the depth of flavour and balance the heat of the jalapeños, ensuring many mellow mouthfuls could be enjoyed without any overpowering heat. The freshness of the Terry Cocktail paired perfectly with the Pizza. 

Next up was the Nduja Pizza, taking its name from the spicy Italian sausage topping. The spicy Nduja is accompanied by sweet peppers and red onion. The sweetness contributing nicely to the overall flavour profile. To be clear, this is a showstopper of a Pizza and one that will be a firm favourite of mine in the future. 

The Terry Cocktail is the signature cocktail and is made up of gin, cucumber syrup and fresh lime juice. The instructions suggest a small garnish of black pepper which we added. The Cocktail gives 4 good servings and is the perfect fresh cool cocktail to accompany spicy and saltiness of the Pizza’s. 

The entire 30 Church Street at home experience was excellent from start to finish. There is a good range of options on the menu to suit for a romantic night in or a family feast. 

The total bill came to €78 including the cocktails, very good value for money for such a quality product. 

I would highly recommend 30 Church street to for locals on the lookout for that much sought break from cooking duties. The Nduja Pizza is the dish that I will keep coming back for again and again. It is worth noting that delivery is available within Howth and Sutton.


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