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Food Emojis New Emoji Update
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13 New Food Emoji Including Steak and Pretzels Planned for New Emoji Update

Emoji 5.0 has landed and the new emoji update from Emojipedia, the official emoji site and search engine, suggests our smartphones may finally be graced with the likes of a juicy steak and a New York style pretzel.

Unicode, the group responsible for choosing the new emojis, sent over the 69 new proposed emoji to Emojipedia. Out of this 69 some emojis, scheduled to launch on 30th June 2017, some are completely new and others are updates of already existing favourites.

Most importantly for food lovers a grand total of 13 will be dedicated to food – 14 if you consider crickets to be a foodstuff, and if we’re going to get technical about it than the list could even be stretched to 15 to include the new breastfeeding emoji.

Along with steak and pretzels, the more obvious contenders include a sandwich, a coconut, a freshly baked pie, and broccoli.

Oriental cuisine rules supreme in the new emoji update with the addition of a fortune cookie, a takeaway food carton, a dumpling, and chopsticks – perhaps ordering your takeaway via emoji may soon be on the cards.

But don’t get too attached to these edible emojis just yet. The all knowing Emojipedia states that the sample images merely represent “how new emojis may look when they come to fruition,” and they “may or may not resemble final versions from each platform vendor.” We live in hope that the dumpling emoji will be as adorable as suggested.

To view the full list of emojis, food and non-food related, in line for the Emojipedia 5.0 update visit

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