10,000 Diamonds Went Into the Making of this Scary yet Beautiful Premium Vodka

10,000 Diamonds Went Into the Making of the Scary yet Beautiful Crystal Head Aurora Vodka

If you’ve seen a bottle of award-wining Crystal Head Vodka you’ll remember it thanks to its distinctive skull shape. Now the Canadian company, founded by actor and entrepreneur Dan Aykroyd, has launched Crystal Head Aurora, a craft spirit made from English wheat and pristine water from Newfoundland, Canada and diamond filtered.

Distilled five times and filtered seven times, it achieves a great purity. As they explain on their site, “three of the filtrations pass through layers of Herkimer diamonds as our final distinctive touch.”

Inspired and named after this beautiful display of lights in the night sky, Crystal Head Aurora comes in the signature skull shaped bottle of the brand, with an appealing variation: its iridescent surface gleams in the colours of the northern lights.

The effect was attained by placing the bottle in an sealed, electrically charged chamber where it’s coated in activated powdered metal and then heated, which causes it to melt and adhere to the skull creating the stunning finish.

Dan Aykroyd said: “The new expression of Crystal Head is bottled in hand-crafted glass with an original, decorative finish. No two bottles are alike and the appearance is designed to reflect the aurora borealis natural light display, with its mysterious visual properties.”

Crystal Head Aurora Vodka is priced at $59.99 (€50.17). While the contents themselves come from a Gold Medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016, we can’t help but think many a bottle will be purchased for its unique packaging.

More information: crystalheadvodka.com

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