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10 Delicious Irish Products for a Happy, Healthy January

We all start the year with the best of intentions and resolutions to get healthier, fitter, richer…the works. While I can’t guarantee help with the last one, if health is wealth then investing in more nutritious foods sounds like prudent planning for the year ahead. 

Your New Year’s resolutions don’t need to extend to completely overhauling your lifestyle and dietary choices and a solid commitment we would all benefit from making is supporting more Irish businesses in 2022. With the help of these 10 delicious Irish products you can be well fed, happy and healthy this January and well into the new year.

Homespun Chicory Root Syrup

You’ve probably already heard of Homespun’s gorgeous quinoa-based granola, but if you add only one new product to your pantry this January, Homespun’s Chicory Root Syrup should be it. Packed with fibre and naturally sweet with very little sugar, a spoonful of this syrup adds a nutritious and delicious punch to all manner of dishes, from a drizzle on salads to a perfect topping for pancake stacks. 

This little jar of goodness is worth seeking out and can be used in place of honey or maple syrup in cakes, bakes and drinks, and Homespun founder Erica Sheehan regularly shares amazing recipe inspiration. It’s a no brainer if you’re looking to cut back on your sugar consumption and up your fibre intake this year.

Nobó Spreads

Nobó first burst on to the Irish health food scene as a wholesome ice cream brand with a difference, crafted with coconut milk and avocado and sweetened with honey. They have since expanded their offering to include serious chocolatey treats and nut butters and you’ll want to nab them all.

Our pick for must have product is the Piedmont Hazelnut Chocolate spread, the kind of silky, natural “notella” that will see you banish the sugary, palm oil laden original forever. Better yet, pick up the Roasted Pistachio Caramelly spread too and dunk squares of Nobó chocolate in for the perfect saintly snack.

Unwind Evening Snack Bars

Eating well is an act of self care and a good night’s sleep is essential for wellbeing, so Unwind’s all natural evening snack bars tick lots of boxes for a healthier January. Unwind bars are naturally sweetened with Montmorency cherries which help in the production of ‘sleepy hormone’ melatonin, so they make for a bedtime snack with benefits beyond being a tasty, chocolatey treat.

White Mausu Black Bean Chilli Ketchup  

Condiments can trip you up when you’re trying to eat well, with lots of hidden nasties and sweeteners. Swap out your bottle of the red stuff for a jar of umami rich, crave-able Black Bean Chilli Ketchup from White Mausu, the geniuses who brought us the now cult product peanut rayu. Organic ketchup spiked with Irish seaweed powder and shiitake mushroom for depth of flavour instead of cloying sweetness…how could you resist slathering it on everything?

Lolo’s Picklery  

There are very few dishes that can’t be improved with a crowning of pickled onion, everything from Eggs Benny to a warming curry bowl benefits from their zingy crunch and tang. Lolo’s Picklery has taken the hassle and waiting time out of my favourite finishing touch with a range of tempting jarred pickled onions bound in blood sugar-steadying, live Irish apple cider vinegar. With additions like jalapeño and coriander or turmeric and ginger, these pickled pretties will brighten up any meal with a healthy little hit of vibrant flavour. 


One good thing from 2021 that we can carry over to the New Year is great Irish brand Fiid releasing not one, but two new veggie packed choices to their range of plant-based parties in your mouth. 

Each pouch is filled with fibre and fantastically warming flavour in equal measure and Rich Chana Masala is my pick for a ridiculously simple and quick lunch or dinner option. Fiid will definitely help you curb your delivery enthusiasm this year, an easy win if you’re looking to be both healthier and wealthier in 2022. 


If, like me, you have no intention of cutting hot chocolate out of your daily (or hourly…) routine in the bleak midwinter, upgrade your fix with Juspy Cacao and Collagen Protein Blend. The brainchild of Limerick woman Leonie Lynch, Juspy is all natural with a seriously impressive ingredient profile including premium marine collagen to support hair, skin and nails, chicory root and baobab for a fibre hit and ashwagandha for minimising stress and anxiety. 

Juspy’s cup runneth over with healthful properties and it has plenty of uses beyond hot drink deliciousness, think chocolatey protein pancakes and silky smoothie bowls for brunch with benefits at home.

JARU Kimchi 

If you haven’t got time to pickle onions, you probably aren’t going to be messing around with sterilising jars and dabbling in home fermentation to get your good gut bacteria hit either. 

Enter Jaru’s Dublin made, deliciously fiery kimchi that your gut will thank you for devouring by the forkful. Jaru’s kimchi is also vegan friendly and would make sticking to Veganuary a heck of a lot easier, just pile it on top of anything and everything for instant tastebud tantalising joy.

Nibbed Cacao Tea

For those freezing cold days when you need comfort and warmth pronto, Nibbed Cacao Tea is the healthy little hug in a cup you’re looking for. Made in Wicklow with cacao pieces and husks, cacao tea contains B vitamins, vitamin A, iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium and delivers a gentle mood and energy lift without a crash thanks to theobromine. 

Nibbed Cacao Tea’s flavour is enhanced further with toasted coconut or orange and cardamom, resulting in a brew that feels deliciously indulgent and can definitely help you cut down on your coffee crutch. It would be silly to place an order without adding a little pouch of their orangey cacao nibs too, perfect for topping porridge or yoghurt.

All Real Nutrition Bars

If you’re looking for handy post workout fuel to go with that January gym membership or just a protein packed snack to keep you full and satisfied, All Real Nutrition bars are all Irish with a squeaky clean ingredient profile. 

All Real’s sweetness is derived from dates and chicory root, delivering a hefty dose of fibre in tandem to minimise the blood sugar spike and as the name suggests, these bars are built with real flavourings and whole foods. All of this makes their tempting Cashew Cookie Dough bar a legitimate breakfast option, if you ask me.